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Juggling Motherhood And Performing On The Stage

The show is in full swing, the audience are warmed up and giving it gusto, you’ve prepped them, they’re hovering in anticipation to what’s coming next when….’mummy’, that tiny familiar voice pops up from somewhere in the audience…’why are you … Continue reading

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A “Must See” From The Stage, Edinburgh *jumps with joy*

Woohoo, what joy!  We got a “Must See” recommendation from The Stage, Edinburgh Review. *Squeels with delight* I’ve printed it out here in full in case you missed it on t’interweb. *Covers mouth with hands & giggles hysterically* And I’ve … Continue reading

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Toto Tales Celebrates Singapore Independence Day 2011!

Today, 9th August, is Singapore Independence Day and since 5 members of the team are from Singapore … it’s party time! Over in Singapore, the whole country is alive with festivities, mainly focused around TheFloat@MarinaBay which is the world’s largest … Continue reading

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Cultural Differences in the Edinburgh Fringe

We are so lucky to have a mixed cast this year! Singapore has a hugely rich cultural mix with Indian, Malay and Chinese making up the majority of its population. So, our Singaporeans are made up of all sorts and … Continue reading

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Under The Baobab Tree UK Premiere

Woohoo, rehearsals are finally underway for the new Under The Baobab Tree show. If you missed the World Premiere in Singapore in May 2011, don’t worry, the UK Premiere begins Thursday 4th August 2011 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, booya! You … Continue reading

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