Storytelling with the early years is invaluable in that it encourages listening and most importantly stimulates the imagination. Research has proven and common sense dictates that a child who has heard stories of sorcerers, magical trees, brave princesses and talking crocodiles is far more likely to WANT to read these stories too.

And the beauty of stories is that doesn’t stop with the little ones. Big people love stories too! Throughout our lives, we learn from stories. Why? Because stories are Memorable, Believable and Inspiring! For a few moments you can become that kung fu champion, you can fly over forests and lakes and you can defeat the evil bullies. Our storytelling sessions instill a love of stories in our audiences and we hope that will inspire them to develop their storytelling side too.


We offer a variety of exciting workshops suitable for every age group from nursery to high school. These workshops include:

  • Interactive storytelling/discussion: Suitable for all ages. Themes can be tailored to complement existing curriculum themes, e.g. environment, health and wellbeing, fair trade, human rights, etc.
  • Cultural workshops: This workshop includes food tasting and experiencing new culinary ingredients, games that are played across the continent, learn songs, handle various artefacts, etc
  • Dance and movement: Our dance workshops explore different dance styles from across the continent. From the gumboot dance of Southern Africa to a war dance from Tanzania and a harvest dance from Nigeria. The  movements are taught using story to explain where the moves originated and what their significance is in the culture from which they originate.
  • Textile Printing: Adinkra symbols from Ghana have their own unique meaning and significance. Unleash your creative side using the adinkra symbols as inspiration.
  • Other workshops: We collaborate with other experts in various forms of African culture: rhythm and music, shona batik printing, Yoruba sculpture, etc.
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