Creating a show (part 2)

So, it has been a while since the first blog was posted and things have been happening. We have our premiere booked:

It is part of the Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace Festival (MESP) 2012. Our venue is the wonderful, beautiful, intimate Scottish Storytelling Centre on the 29th February at 19:00.

What we have been up to: Well, the script is almost done. Just a few tweakings and also the cast has gone up one person. Because the production is pulling together two different Tyi wara related stories from the ancient past and a more modern interpretation, I felt it was best to have the traditional call and response style storytelling. I had thought of bouncing off the musician but he is a musician and not a storyteller and also as English is not his first or even second language, that was a consideration too. In fact, we aim to capitalise on his wealth of West African language Wolof and Bambara, by incorporating it into the story. So, the musician shall play, the dancer shall dance and storyteller number 2 shall be incorporated. Wonderful.

We have applied for a small grant from Awards for All but like most things, we never know whether we shall be successful. Fingers crossed the answer is yes, but as with all other Toto Tales productions, the show must go on. If there is zero budget then of course, we shall have to be extremely imaginative with the set design to ensure, the overdraft doesn’t get out of control. We have one show booked and we are trying to get others once we hear from the funding body we shall have a better idea of where next to proceed. Please, please send good thoughts this way as we can reach so many more people with this show, if it is done properly. There is also the chance of taking it to the Fringe Festival in the summer too. Again something to look forward to.

In the meantime, what we are working on is: ideas for the set design. Finding interesting ways of seaming the scenes together. I have no idea about timing just yet but we’ll work that out later, once we know which bits work best. First rehearsal beginning of January 🙂

We’ll keep you posted. Anything you think we should incorporate into the piece. Do let us know. Also, we intend to travel around Scotland if we are lucky enough to get the grant so if you think the show would suit where you are, do drop us a quick line.

Toto love



About TotoTales

Toto Tales brings African stories to life through the arts. We find and create incredible, inspiring, heart warming, tragic, humorous stories from across Africa, and share them with a variety of audiences across the world. We collaborate with various artists and strive to produce high quality works that while simple are far from being simplistic.
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