The Tech Rehearsal

4 hours in the venue today!!!

The build up to it has been frantic with sleepless nights and of course all the little things going wrong!

Our backdrop consists of three stunning bamboo screens with the shape of a baobab tree (a couple of trees slightly stretched) but baobabs nonetheless. These are designed to hang from the rigging using a combination of S hooks and nylon string.

As the production crew arrived yesterday, Hatta the stage manager laughed loudly as he told us how his girlfriend had called while he was at the airport to let him know the 10cm S hooks were in the car back in Singapore!

10cm S-Hooks! Where were we going to find these in Edinburgh?

So began the hunt. B&Q … none! Homebase … none! Screwfix … none!

Getting desperate now so when the a friend helpfully suggested Crombies (“they use S-Hooks for hanging their meat, dont’ they?” I decide to try.

Went over this morning and no … they don’t have any S-Hooks either.

He did however, rather helpfully suggest going to the abbatoir.

Over To You

I imagine there must be hundreds of other crazy stories of Edinburgh Fringe Festival people running around Edinburgh looking for random props and tools.

Do tell.  We’d love to share them around. Drop a wee story in the Comment Box and we can all have a laugh!

Toto love, Mara x


About TotoTales

Toto Tales brings African stories to life through the arts. We find and create incredible, inspiring, heart warming, tragic, humorous stories from across Africa, and share them with a variety of audiences across the world. We collaborate with various artists and strive to produce high quality works that while simple are far from being simplistic.
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