Under The Baobab Tree UK Premiere

Woohoo, rehearsals are finally underway for the new Under The Baobab Tree show.

If you missed the World Premiere in Singapore in May 2011, don’t worry, the UK Premiere begins Thursday 4th August 2011 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011, booya!

You can book tickets online or by phone through the Edinburgh Fringe website here. Or if you feel like living dangerously and risk our being totally sold out, turn up at the door.

Under The Baobab Tree takes place every day (except Sundays) from 4th – 27th August. The venue is C Venues – C Too which is Venue Number 4 at St Columba’s by the Castle, Johnston Terrace, EH1 2PW.  Do a Google Map search and you’ll find it easily.

An African Story Brought To Life

The Baobab Tree is a very special kind of tree. Some even say, magical.

If you sit under the Baobab, the most beautiful, colourful and imaginative stories will jump into your head, and impatiently wait to be told.

You will have no choice but to tell these stories to anyone who happens to be nearby.
And so people come every day; to listen and be entertained; to learn of kings and queens from ancient lands, of sly crocodiles and clever monkeys, naughty children and wicked parents.

Stories of every kind!

This is why the Baobab tree has become known as the story tree.

I have only just arrived and my head is already bursting with stories.

So, come and sit with us Under The Baobab Tree!

An Edinburgh Story Brought To Life

I’m going to be Tweeting, Facebooking and Blogging about the adventure we have putting on the show so do keep in touch by signing up for instant email updates on this site or subscribing to the site.

And if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to hear about, do please let me know. I’d love to hear your views.

African Story Love, Mara x


About TotoTales

Toto Tales brings African stories to life through the arts. We find and create incredible, inspiring, heart warming, tragic, humorous stories from across Africa, and share them with a variety of audiences across the world. We collaborate with various artists and strive to produce high quality works that while simple are far from being simplistic.
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