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Scottish TV Interviews Mara Menzies

More interviews!  This time on STV (Scottish Television)! Cheeeeesiiiiiiin’!!! This time with STV’s beautiful Clare Carswell. Watch here And here’s what Clare wrote: “Local story-teller, Mara Menzies is thriving at this year’s Fringe with sold out shows and four star reviews … Continue reading

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Juggling Motherhood And Performing On The Stage

The show is in full swing, the audience are warmed up and giving it gusto, you’ve prepped them, they’re hovering in anticipation to what’s coming next when….’mummy’, that tiny familiar voice pops up from somewhere in the audience…’why are you … Continue reading

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Exclusive: In-Depth Interview With A Child On Children’s Theatre

Here’s a lovely interview I did with one of our charming audience members – Zazou Wycherley – this morning. I promise, cross my heart, that I did not pay her in chips, chocolate, fizzy juice or sweeties to say what … Continue reading

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A Video First For Toto Tales

Hey, I must stop getting too excited. But I’ve got a video for you.  A video of Me *squeals* and Jon, the Zebra, talking about our show. We are outside the newly renovated Usher Hall, in Lothian Road. And the … Continue reading

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A “Must See” From The Stage, Edinburgh *jumps with joy*

Woohoo, what joy!  We got a “Must See” recommendation from The Stage, Edinburgh Review. *Squeels with delight* I’ve printed it out here in full in case you missed it on t’interweb. *Covers mouth with hands & giggles hysterically* And I’ve … Continue reading

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Toto Tales Celebrates Singapore Independence Day 2011!

Today, 9th August, is Singapore Independence Day and since 5 members of the team are from Singapore … it’s party time! Over in Singapore, the whole country is alive with festivities, mainly focused around TheFloat@MarinaBay which is the world’s largest … Continue reading

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The All Important Show Promotion

Despite the rain and the miserable grey Scottish weather, the Edinburgh Fringe is quite simply not the same unless you have paced up and down the Royal Mile, feeling the freeze and handing out flyers. There is very fierce competition … Continue reading

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